SetiHide  Version 1.5

SetiHide is an add-on tool for the dos-client of the
Seti@Home project of the university of berkeley.

- hiding[1] Hide the Seti client entirely from the user.
- hiding[2] SetiHide can be run totally hidden from the user also.
- workunit caching Cache up to 99 workunits on your local PC.
- network wu caching Cache up to 999 workunits on a server inside your network.
- online/offline mode You have a dial-up connection? This is for you!
- flush/fetch Send your results and fill your caches at any time.
- wu import/export Run Seti@Home on pc's with no internet connection...
- performance monitor Take a look at the chart and know what's going on.
- logging Detailed logging of performance and scientific results.
- launcher[1] Let the Seti client start to crunch at Win-startup.
- launcher[2] If desired, SetiHide just launches the Seti client and exits.
- priority Let the Seti client run at desired priority.
- Win9x shutdown Win9x no longer shows error when shutting down with Seti client active.
- speed increase Instantly after a wu is finished, the next wu is started.
   (sending results / getting a new wu is performed by another thread.)
- remote controlling other installations of SetiHide if using a network cache.
- Multi-CPU support for up to 4 processors.
- Web update of the user stats.
- Sky map shows origin of the signal.

SetiHide works for all current dos-clients of Seti@Home
- (Version 2.4 or higher)

It's compatible with the following platforms:
- Win9x
- WinNT
- Win2000
- WinME
- WinXP

23-08-2003 The sourcecode of SetiHide is available. Contact Oli Wegener if you're interested in improving SetiHide.
02-02-2003 Tobias Gärtner wrote SetiTeamStats. It has a nice layout and nice colors! ;-)
12-10-2002 I sent out a newsletter today. You can read it here.
13-07-2002 Release of SetiHide version The news below is obsolete.
13-07-2002 regarding to the new stats URL: let's wait a few days in order to be sure it's ment to be permanent.
13-07-2002 Jeff informed me that his software Msetimon fully supports SetiHide.
24-06-2002 The new forum is online. You'll have to register again.
24-06-2002 The forum was dead. It had to be rebuild. Backup was broken, too. Sorry about that!
18-06-2002 The forum is down. I don't know why. Try again tomorrow...
05-06-2002 Release of SetiHide version
31-05-2002 Release of SetiHide version
17-05-2002 Finally, there is a newsletter available!
15-04-2002 Release of SetiHide version
24-03-2002 I founded the SetiHide users group. Feel free to join.
23-03-2002 The new forum is down. I don't know why. Should be back up tomorrow.
20-03-2002 The German Seti@Home group lambDA 7 sponsors the new Forum. Thank you to lambDA 7 !!
19-03-2002 Release of SetiHide version (bugfix)
09-03-2002 Release of SetiHide version
15-01-2002 Added link to Seti2HTML. (SetiHide-add-on, see download section)
12-01-2002 Release of SetiHide version - bugfix.
08-01-2002 Release of SetiHide version - bugfix (?)
06-01-2002 Please note that my email has changed!! Please use from now on.
06-01-2002 Official release of SetiHide version
05-11-2001 First official release of SetiHide version
27-09-2001 New version is almost finished. My team is testing the 6th build and it looks very good!
11-07-2001 Click here to read some notes about the new version. (obsolete, link deleted)
21-06-2001 My job keeps me very busy lately, so I'll need a little more time for the new version.
01-05-2001 There's a forum available for your questions, suggestions and comments regarding SetiHide.
30-04-2001 The server log file says SetiHide has been downloaded about 14000 times... wow!
06-04-2001 New version released. (
19-02-2001 Some users reported troubles with "LOW RAM" setting. Fix is in progress.
12-02-2001 First release of Version 1.4
12-02-2001 Next Version will support large fonts!

SetiHide is Freeware.
Use at own risk