You need the font "Verdana" installed on your system. Most Windows versions already
have this font. Check [Start => Settings => System => Fonts] if you're not sure.

1. Read the manual before asking questions via mail or the forum, please!!!
2. Do not use the screensaver version of seti@home!! Use the DOS-version!!
I'm getting really tired of this...!
It does also waste quite a bit of the time I have left to spend on the SetiHide project.


If you need an update from version 1.4.x to the current version,
please send me an email.

SetiHide Version (454 KB)
- setihide.exe (version
  For new users and also for upgrading from 1.5.x to

Manual for Version 1.5.x (4 KB)
- manualeng.html (english version)
- manualger.html (german version)
- manualpor.html (portuguese version)
- manualspa.html (spanish version)
- manualcro.html (croatian version)
- manualdut.html (dutch version)
- manualpol.html (polish version)

Verdana The font "Verdana" (332 KB)

Alex Kurz made a really nice add-on for SetiHide,
it generates a html report of all running SetiHide
instances. Supports FTP-upload and more.
Check out Seti2HTML (see "Scripts and Apps" at the bottom).