There are 8 people that did an incredible job at alpha-testing SetiHide 1.5.x

Andreas Sophiadis (Greece) [],
Brandon (USA),
Dan (NJ, USA) [],
Kari (Germany),
Markus (Germany) [],
Rik (Netherlands),
Scott (USA),
Steve Keith (USA) []

These people made SetiHide 1.5.x possible! Without them - no chance...
Thank you very much guys!!

Version 1.4 regards

a BIG "thank you" to these people:
Steve Keith Without his very accurate bug reports, some bugs would've taken
months to be traced down. He put quite some time and a lot of patience into
testing SetiHide 1.4. Thanx, Steve!!!

Andreas Sophiadis What can I say? Guess we could call each other a good friend by now.
We're in email contact since 07/18/2000 (I looked it up, buddy) and I sure hope
we will keep on sending...

Robert Cesar He was the one that kept my motivation running by sending me
emails once a while ("hey, lazyass, SetiHide still not working on NT yet?") ;-)

Alex Cutrim Thanx for helping me on the "scientific results logging" issue!



Theo Luebbers

Kristian Paulsen (aka Grimzy @ IRC)

In case you're not mentioned although you feel you should be,
please drop me a note. Maybe I simply forgot.