Version history

SetiHide Versions

13/07/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- Berkeley redirected the user stats page.
- nothing.

05/06/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- fixed a bug that would accidently clear the logged sky map data.
- Nothing

31/05/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- fixed a bug that would cause SetiHide to fail flushing/fetching.
- fixed a bug that would assign more than one CPU to the same wu.
- A pop-up menu for the tray icon.
- Auto-detect connection mode for all modem users.
- The skymap when called from the log tab shows all logged coordinates. (pointable)
- The width of columns of the log and the wu cache get saved.
- If there had been a flush/fetch timeout (berkeley down), SetiHide waits 3 minutes before retry.
- Option to exit all active seti clients on exit of SetiHide.

15/04/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- fixed a bug that would cause the skymap file to become really large.
- fixed bug [decreasing cache count while a fetch is in progress].
- fixed bug [work-unit data on skymap was switched when being called from log].
- fixed several bugs regarding export/import feature.
- hopefully fixed bug [more than one cpu crunching the same wu].
- Internal changes that will cause less cpu-time usage and less disk i/o.

19/03/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- I fixed a bug. I don't know if this fixes the known bug [GUI freezes] completly,
   but since I referred to a memory pointer which I previously had already
   set to NULL (which is a common bug and a realy bad thing to do)
   I'm sure that it will fix some problems.
- Nothing.

09/03/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- Import/export bug regarding WinNT/Win98 fixed?
- A bug that caused misbehaviour or even crashes when a peak of >= 100% per hour got reached.
- Settings options a little better readable with large fonts.
- (Not really a bug, but it confused many people) replaced "n/a" by "not started yet" on wu status.
- ASKBEFOREEXIT did not work. It does work now and is available through "More options..."
- A click on user ID on main tab will show the berkeley user stats page.
- Caches: The pop-up menu now offers "extended cache info".
- "Cron"-job for flushing/fetching available.
- On settings-tab: "More options..." replaces the manual ini settings.
- Option to flush/fetch only one wu after the other available.
- Option to log starmap data available.
- Option to choose whether the -cpu(n) flag is used when using > 1 CPU.
- SetiHide now frequently passes last user stats to Seti2HTML.
- "Time left" on main tab.
- Verboses the fetch status on the caches tab in KB.
- Wu-recording-date gets displayed inside the log now.

12/01/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- A really stupid bug that caused quite some trouble.
- Nothing.

08/01/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- Attempt to fix problems on NT/2K/XP.
- Nothing.

06/01/2002 Release of SetiHide v.
- Checks for directory "..\files\" before coming back from stealth mode.
- Longer delay at startup to avoid too many instances of the seti cli. (helps?)
- Sky map display-bug when position too far on the left fixed.
- Typo at settings screen.
- Sky map info would display Base Freq. as " GHz GHz", deleted one "GHz".
- Cache export feature should no longer export in uppercase on NT.
- Some more minor fixes.
- New setihide.ini setting: USEALTERNATECOLOR=1 for 256-color support.
- Log editing feature.
- Log export to tab-seperated ascii file implemented.
- Av. CPU time added to analyse log function.
- Stealth mode: minimizing will re-hide SetiHide.
- User stats web update asks (+ remembers) for email if not found inside user_info.
- New web-address and email-address on about tab.
- Tray icon will stay inside the tray.

05/11/2001 Release of SetiHide v.
- completly new version.

06/04/2001 Release of SetiHide v. (library
- displays correct amount of returned results.
- max. 100% in log file.
- "analyse log" ignores last entry.
- log file available on RAM disks now.
- switching from invisible to visible: settings window stays on top.
- typo in info window: freerware changed to freeware.
- low-ram setting more stable now (?).
- user_info.sah gets imported and exported as well.
- message if no empty wu-cache available when importing.
- cache manager has a right-click-popup-menu for single cache actions.
- large fonts are supported now. (not perfect but usable).
- proxy settings.
- timeout settings.

02/12/2001 Release of SetiHide v. (library
fixed: nothing - new release
new: nothing - new release